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The International Quality Evaluation Resource for Education Leaders (iQerel) is an on-going three-year project, started in September 2014 and funded by Erasmus+. This website has been produced by the project team to offer literature, case studies and questions to support reflection on practice as part of the school improvement agenda.

The website will also offer opportunities for discussion and forums on issues of joint educational interest to school leaders. The project team aim to foster and encourage a network of European school leaders as it develops from initially being a tool for Masters students on leadership programmes to something that school leaders and schools generally can access. Another aim of the project is to critically examine how school performance is measured and how to engage practitioners in using data in a way that will support their work in an authentic, meaningful way.

The lead academic is Fiona Stephens, Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Development at Canterbury Christ Church University. Partners in the project include Canterbury Christ Church University, University College Dublin, University of Murcia, University of Oslo and Jagiellonian University.

The project started with a conference in Krakow in April 2015 that involved 50 participants from the 5 project partner countries. The aim of the conference was to discuss external school evaluation systems and participants' perspectives on how these systems could be impoved.

In December 2016 the website will go ‘live’ to Masters’ students of educational leadership in the partner countries. A conference is planned for June 2017 in Canterbury and will be an opportunity to share learning from the development and use of the website. Information about the project is being disseminated at a variety of international conferences including ECER and ICSEI.

We are delighted that you are using this website. Please let us know if you feel it is useful to you and supports your professional development and practice.

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